Technical Specifications

  • Tractor                                 75 HP or higher                                                    with super reducer
  • Nominal output                    10 to 20 ton / h
  • Number of knives                                                of the pick-up rotor             15
  • N° of knives of the rotor       16
  • Rotation                                 540 rpm
  • Pickup Rotation                     1350 rpm
  • Cutter particle                       3 to 5 cm
  • Pickup Cutting Width            1.5 m
  • Machine Weight                    1390 kg

         With 1.50 meters width cut CapiCana is a harvester robust and compact fodder, dimensioned to work on forages and also between the rows of orange groves.

         Driven tractor of 75 hp or higher, the CapiCana has a nominal production capacity of 30 to 50 m³ / hour under favorable conditions of the land and culture.

      The CapiCana was developed to harvest grasses Tanzania, Mombasa, Efefante, Napier, braquiarao, Colonião, Brachiaria decumbens, Coast-cross, Tifton and other forage grasses. Particulate grass to size, ensiled or served directly to lame is well fed herd of guarantee and certain.profit for the farmer.

            The pickers of grasses also gather grasses and legumes, such as oats, rye grass, sorghum, millet and other seeded forage broadcasted in total area or between the rows of orange groves. CapiCana's powerful front and cross cutting rotor allows the cutting of 3 to 5 cm of homogeneous particles to meet the needs of the farmer. To reduce the moisture of fodder to be harvested, CapiCana can work in pre-dried system.


Inoculant applicator.


- Piston to adjust the cutting height;

- Trailer coupler.

Outlet spout with remote hydraulic command. 

Worm screw to feed the pricking rotor. 

Blade sharpener with sliding stainless steel shaft attached to the machine. 

External adjustment of the counter-blade.

Pricking rotor equipped with 12 transversal front blades attached with 8.8 steel through screws.