Technical Specifications 

PC 1 (1 row of Sugarcane, Maize, Sorghum and Grass)

  • No. of rollers                            4 vertical
  • Tractor                                      75 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production                 25 to 35 ton / h
  • No. of knives of the rotor         6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                            540 rpm
  • Rotor rotation                           1580 rpm
  • Cutting options                        4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Machine weight                       760 kg

ATP 1.3 (Total Area 3 rows - 50 cm of Maize and Sorghum)

  • System Cracker*
  • No. of rollers                           6
  • Tractor                                    100 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production               30 to 40 ton / h
  • No. of knives of the rotor       6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                          540 rpm
  • Rotor rotation                          1580 rpm
  • Cutting options                       4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Rows spacing                         45 to 90 cm
  • Machine weight                       890 kg

CCPD 1.4 (Grass in total area)

  • Cutting Height                        100 mm
  • Tractor                                     75 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production               20 to 35 ton / h
  • N°of knives of the rotor          6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                          540 rpm
  • Cutting options                       4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Cutting area                            140 cm
  • Machine weight                      970 kg

            Harvesting sugarcane, napier grass, maize and sorghum in a row and simple exchange platform also reaping corn and sorghum in two rows, grass and grass planted in total area.

          The more traditional and robust forage harvester CFM-35, come meet medium and large farmers for silage or daily treatment.



ATP 1.1 - Maize and sorghum collection platform in 2 rows with spacing of up to 80 cm between rows, besides harvesting 1 cane line and all types of grass. Overall width 1.10 m.

ATP 1.3 - Corn and sorghum collection platform in 2 rows spaced 90 cm between rows or 3 rows spaced 50 cm apart, in addition to harvesting 1 row of cane and all types of sod. Overall width 1,30 m.


ATPS - Platform 1.30 m wide, developed to collect any type of forage planted in rows of maize, sorghum and sugar cane, as well as pastures planted in total area.

CCPD 1.4 - harvester platform with the cutting area of 1100 mm, harvesting grass planted in total area as oats, rye, millet and Brachiaria, with production 20-35 ton / h.

PMA - Harvest platform for pineapple plant.

System Cracker:

• Corn, sorghum and cereal breakage system.

• Better use of energy.

• Grain Processors: Two grooved rollers that consume minimal power and facilitate flow to the fan.

- Support wheel;

- Output with hydraulic drive;

- Screw-worm to harvest cane sugar tumbled by the wind.


Knives Cutting Kit - Cutting knives for sugar cane, napier grass and mombaça. Better yield and faster regrowth.

Circular Saw Kit - Circular saw with higher rotation in relation to the feed rollers.


- Grease the bearings.

- New knives from the front rollers.

Rotor chopper with 6 knives to harvest sugarcane, or 12 knives for harvesting maize and sorghum, with greater productivity.

- Pin safety fuse.

- Cutting size change.

- Rotary sharpener of knives chipper rotor which provides high precision and rapidity safety.

• Double safety fuse pin;

• Cutting by chain with different particle sizes.

Articulated platform facilitating cleaning and maintenance.


Transmission cardan: Lower maintenance costs and lower power loss compared to belt drive.