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Technical Specifications

MFC 1 (1 row of Sugarcane, Maize, Sorghum and Grass)

  • No. of rollers                      6 (2 vertical and 4                                                horizontal)
  • Tractor                                86 HP (or higher)                                                  with Low Track
  • Nominal production           Máx 50 ton / hour
  • No. of knives of the rotor  16
  • Rotation PTO                     540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor          1350 rpm
  • Cutting options                  5, 8, 12 mm
  • Machine weight                 1450 kg

ATMC 1800 (Total Area 4 rows - 50 cm of Maize and Sorghum)

  • No. of rollers                       8 (4 vertical and                                                  4 horizontal)
  • No. of knives of the rotor   16
  • Tractor                                 120 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production           40 to 50 ton / hour
  • Rotation PTO                      540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor           1620 rpm
  • Cutting options                   5, 8, 12 mm
  • Spacing between rows      45 and 90 cm
  • Machine weight                  1915 kg

           Unlike any other in market, it provides the highest productivity and performance in the fodder harvest. EcoFlex has the flexibility to harvest with the same machine, sugar cane in one row, with production of 40 to 50 ton / hour and corn or sorghum in two rows, with production of 30 to 40 ton / hour, by simply exchanging the harvesting platform. EcoFlex reduces the cost per ton harvested, ensures adequate fodder particle size and reduces the investment for the daily feeding of animals in the trough or in the fast closing of the corn or sorghum silo.


MFC-1 - Harvesting platform for sugar cane and napier grass planted in row with production of 40 to 50 ton / h. Equipped with worm screw to raise sugar cane bent by the wind action.

ATMC 1800 - was designed to harvest any kind of forage planted in line such as corn and sorghum, harvests 4 rows with spacing of up to 45 cm and 3 rows up to 90 cm, harvesting Napier, Mombasa, Colonhão grass and other grasses planted in total area. The cutting area is 1.80 m.


14-blade frontal transversal pricking rotor.

Easy opening for replacing the blades of the pricking rotor.

Propeller shaft Transmission:       -.Lower.loss.of.power;         -.Lower.maintenance.cost.

New cutting system specially developed to harvest sugar cane.

- Changing cutting size through pulleys and belts (particle size: 5, 8 and 12 cm);                            -.Counter-blade adjustable externally.

- Reverse system that allows unclogging the machine, providing safety and fast harvest;