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Technical Specifications

FC 1 (1 row of Sugarcane, Maize, Sorghum and Grass)

  • No. of rollers                     4 vertical
  • Tractor                               75 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production         25 to 35 ton / hour
  • No. of knives of the rotor 6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                    540 rpm
  • Rotor rotation                   1580 rpm
  • Cutting options                4, 6, 8, 12, 16,22mm
  • Machine weight               760 kg

AT 1.3 (Total Area 3 rows - 50 cm of Maize and Sorghum)

  • System Cracker*
  • No. of rollers                   6
  • Tractor                             110 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production        30 to 40 ton / hour
  • No.of knives of the rotor 6 or 12 
  • Rotation PTO                   540 rpm
  • Rotor rotation                  1580 rpm
  • Cutting options               4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 22mm
  • Rows spacing                 45 cm to 1.0 m
  • Machine weight              840 kg

PMCD 1.4 (Grass in total area)

  • Cutting Height                100 mm
  • Tractor                            75 HP (or higher)
  • Nominal production       20 to 30 ton / hour
  • No. of Cutting Knives     6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                  540 rpm
  • Cutting options              4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 22mm
  • Cutting width                  1.40 m
  • Machine weight             970 kg

               Developed for small and medium-creator of milk and beef cattle, it offers excellent value for money in the corn crop, sorghum, napier grass, pineapple, cane sugar and grass planted in total area.

                Using transmission drive shaft, offers less power loss, lower maintenance costs and uniformity of court. The Supreme has 4 vertical rollers and should be used with tractor with minimal power 75 HP, its rated output is from 15 to 30 tons per hour. This product fits the design More Food Brazilian Federal Government.

                Some innovations of COLHIPREMIUM: 

• System Cracker*: Grain breaker to increase the utilization of starch to 100% and milk production by cattle.
• New base cutting system specially developed for harvesting sugarcane without unbalancing the stumps, allowing for better regrowth.
• New serrated knives and counter-knives in the basic court in FM2-50 and FM2-90 platforms, allows the harvest of corn and sorghum even infested with weeds.
• New rotary sharpener of knives chipper rotor.
• Rear Kit to open carrier
• corn Breaker


FC 1 - Harvesting platform with larger clearance and especially designed to harvest sugar cane but also harvests corn, sorghum and napier planted in row.

PMA - Harvesting platform for pinaple plant.


AT 1.3 - With robustness and simplicity, harvests 3 rows of corn and sorghum planted with spacing up to 50 cm or 2 rows spaced up to 90 cm.


PMCD 1.4 - Harvesting platform for grass planted in total area, with cutting area of ​​1.40 m.

Optional accessories:
• Support wheel;
• Hydraulic operated spout;
• Bend canes gutter system;
• Applier for inoculating agents and lime. 

System Cracker:

• Corn, sorghum and cereal breakage system.

• Better use of energy.

• Grain Processors: Two grooved rollers that consume minimal power and facilitate flow to the fan.


Rear kit to make clearence between rows.

Rotational blade sharpener that sharpens blades of the pricking rotor.

A 6-blade pricking rotor to harvest sugar cane and napier or a 12-blade pricking rotor to harvest corn and sorghum.

Articulated front platform for easy cleanness and maintenance. Adjustment of the counter-blade.

6 options for cutting sizes and Safety fuse-pin.

The first one with propeller shaft transmission for lower loss power and lower maintenance cost.

New base cutting system especially developed to harvest sugar cane.

Corn breaker.