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Technical Specifications

  • Nº of rollers                           4
  • Tractor                                   85 HP
  • Nominal output                     20 to 30 ton/h
  • No. of knives of the rotor      14
  • Rotation PTO                         540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor              1350 rpm
  • Cutting options                      5, 8 and 12 mm
  • Weight                                    960 kg

              ConfiCana comes to cater large and medium farmers, using sugarcane, napier grass, maize and sorghum in daily intercourse or silage.

             Ideal for chopping sugarcane interlaced or overturned by the wind, ConfiCana with manual feeding mats or rollers ensures high productivity and uniform particle size, producing 20 to 30 tons / hour.


Inlet spout with rubber conveyor belt.

Inlet spout with rollers.


Changing cutting size through pulleys and belts (particle size: 5, 8 and 12 mm) externally adjustable counter-blade.

Blade sharpener with sliding stainless steel shaft attached to the machine.

Transport position.

Security lock. 

Pricking rotor equipped with 8 transversal front blades attached with through screws.