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Technical Specifications

                                  D 600      D 900

  • Rotation at the TDP               540 rpm      540 rpm
  • Power for the power                                                  take-off                                     30 hp          50 hp
  • Load capacity                       400 liters      600 liters
  • Working width                      Up to 16 m    Up to 16 m
  • Weight                                     85 kg           90 kg
  • Length                                  1250 mm      1250 mm
  • Width                                     1150 mm       1150 mm
  • Height                                   1270 mm      1400 mm
  • Production                          6-721 kg/ha  6-721 kg/ha

           The D Series is designed for two capacities, these equipments are lightweight and provide efficient even distribution of fertilizers, limestone, granules, seeds or dried poultry or milled dry manure, in which they ensure uniformity throughout the entire distribution range.

               The disc is composed of 4 blades in an ideal format, providing an ideal distribution in the form of a fan, reaching a working range of 9 to 16 m. The fertilizer can be flushed only on one side by changing the position of the metering dish.


Aluminum Transmission Box

Optional: Cast Iron Transmission Box.

Adjustable Dosage

All fertilizer should be applied at the correct dosage easily varied, changing the position of the metering dish, through a simple lever, with graduated scale.

Special Kit (Agitator and Rail Assembly)

In the distribution of limestone, with this set there is possibility to revolve the product, providing a constant flow during the distribution.