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Technical Specifications

MFC 1 (1 row of Sugarcane, Maize, Sorghum and Grass)

  • No. of rollers                         6 (2 vertical and 4                                               horizontal)
  • Tractor                                   86 HP (or higher)                                                 with low track
  • Nominal production              max 50 ton/hour
  • No. of knives of the rotor      16
  • Rotation PTO                         540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor              1350 rpm
  • Cutting options                      5, 8, 12mm
  • Machine weight                     1450 kg

ATMC 1800 (Total Area 4 rows - 50 cm of Maize and Sorghum)

  • No. of rollers                         8 (4 vertical and 4                                                  horizontal)
  • Tractor                                   120 HP (or higher)
  • No of knives of the rotor       16
  • Nominal production              40 to 50 ton/hour
  • Rotation PTO                         540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor              1620 rpm
  • Cutting options                      5, 8, 12 mm
  • Spacing between rows          45 and 90 cm
  • Machine weight                      1915 kg

            Cane harvester for sugar and ethanol, cane energy for biomass, 2G cellulosic ethanol, large cattle ranchers. Also harvests grass like elephant and napier planted in rows for the ceramics and cement industry. Tractor coupled from 85 HP with Low Track and double clutch, with production ranging from 30 to 50 tons / hour, with articulated and 5,8 mm and 12 mm granulated cut, with 2 wheels, tires and cardan .


14-blade frontal transversal pricking rotor.

Easy opening for replacing the blades of the pricking rotor. 

Propeller shaft Transmission:     -.Lower.loss.of.power;               -.Lower.maintenance.cost.

New cutting system specially developed to harvest sugar cane. 

-.Changing.cutting.size.through pulleys and belts (particle size: 5, 8 and 12 cm);                           -.Counter-blade adjustable externally.

- Reverse system that allows unclogging the machine, providing safety and fast harvest;

 - Safety fuse-pin;

 - Newchain fastener.


MFC-1 - Harvesting platform for sugar cane and napier grass planted in rows with production of 40 to 50 ton / h. Equipped with worm screw to raise sugar cane bent by the wind action. 

ATMC 1800 - was designed to harvest any type of forage planted in rows such as corn and sorghum, harvested 4 rows with spacing up to 45 cm and 3 rows up to 90 cm, harvesting Napier, Mombasa, Grass Colonhão and other planted grasses In total area. The cutting area is 1.80 m.