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Technical Specifications

  • No. of rollers                        4 horizontal
  • Tractor                                  65 HP
  • Eletric motor                        40 HP
  • Diesel motor                        54 to 67 HP
  • Cutting diameter                  100 mm
  • Yield                                     8 to 15 m³ / h
  • Rotation                                1400 to 1500 rpm

            The Ecological 400 is designed to chop and shred branches of evergreen trees, with up to 4 inches (100mm), resulting from pruning in urban maintenance areas and rural areas by promoting generation of organic matter chopped uniform 5 mm and 10 mm, which facilitates decomposition in an environmentally correct manner.

            The.Ecological 400.has the cart option vehicle with drive by stationary diesel engine 54 HP to 67 HP, with electric start and carriage in steel sections, bent and stiff, with two axes supported by four beams of springs and shock absorbers and four rims 14 "with tires, wheel and spare tire, signaling lanterns.

             The equipment has rotor chopper 600 mm in diameter with eight knives, power system by four rollers, supported on bearings, two flat bottom rollers and top two toothed rollers with swinging leader.

            The.Ecological 400 also has safety lock that paralyzes the four feed rollers and the branch to be chopped, outlet nozzle chipped material with rotating 360 °, with manual drive by wire rope.


Inlet spout with rubber conveyor belt.

Safety lock of the feeding rollers.


Transmission of the four feeding rollers by gear.

8-blade pricking rotor.