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Technical Specifications

  • Tractor                                 65 HP
  • Eletric motor                       50 HP
  • Diesel motor                       65 to 90 HP
  • Cutting diameter                 200 mm
  • Yield                                    8 to 15 m³ / h
  • Rotation                               1400 to 1500 rpm

       Ecological 8 equipment to chop and grind tree branches up to 8 inches or 200 mm in diameter, resulting from pruning operations in urban maintenance areas, rural and forest residues. With 8 mm chopped uniform, promotes the generation of material for feeding microwave energy generator, and an organic material that facilitates the decomposition of an environmentally friendly manner.

      The Ecological 8 is powered by stationary diesel engine 65 HP to 90 HP with electric starter, heavy duty clutch ST 111/3, trailer trailer in profile folded steel enrrigecido with two axes supported in 4 spring beams , shock absorbers, with four rims 14 "with tires, wheel and spare tire, signaling lanterns according to DENATRAN standards to circulate on public road. of the work tree branches should be prepared without ramifications. The Ecological 8, can process dry and coastal woods, but these materials can cause increased wear on the knives and counter knives, forcing a quicker return.


Drive clutch.

Powered by 50 HP electric motor, IV poles, with soft-starter weg ssw 03 120/220-400 2pl, simple base with clutch and rubber guide shoe or on wagon with two wheels with tires.

Pricking rotor of 900 mm in diameter and 50 mm thick, with 3 AISI 1 steel blades with cutting on both sides and localized temper fixed with 12.9 steel through screws.