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Technical Specifications

  • Rotation                                4000 to 4300 rpm
  • Power                                   5.0 to 7.5 HP
  • Electric motor pulley: 120 mm 2B High RPM Motor
  • Produtivity: Dry Feed - 150 to 700 kg / hour and Green Feed - 1000 to 3000 kg / hour

          PMP-2 meets the needs of family agriculture and small farmers. It can be driven by electric motor, diesel or gasoline.

        With multiple functions, PMP-2 grinds and crushes dry ration - corn beans and corncobs, allowing the production of corn bran thick and thin corn meal, also pricking green fodder such as napier grass, sugar cane and others, separated from the dry fodder.

          In addition, PMP-2 has a 3-blade front cut pricking rotor fixed with through screws to prick green fodder and four sieves (mesh of 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm) than with a simple exchange, allows obtaining various particle sizes.




- Chopping rotor with three front cutting knives and crusher with oscillating hammers.

- They work separately at the same time.

Base for stationary engine: diesel and gasoline. 

Base for stationary engine: diesel and gasoline.  

Mobile Base.