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Technical Specifications

  • Load volume                      2.2m³ / 4,4m³
  • Capacity hydraulic oil tank  60 L
  • Overall length                      3267 mm
  • Overall width                        2310 mm
  • Overall height                       1550 mm
  • Diameter mixing rotor          1030 mm
  • Mixing rotor length               1400 mm
  • Mixing time                           4 to 5 min
  • The discharge screw                                diameter                               300 mm
  • Minimum discharge                                  nozzle.height                        150 mm
  • Maximum discharge                                nozzle.height                        680 mm
  • Cutter width                          1430 mm
  • Cutter diameter                     515 mm
  • Maximum height of cutter    2900 mm
  • Weight                                   1300 kg
  • Minimum power requirement                  in.the.PTO                             50 HP
  • Implement tires                     6.00-16

        It offers best value to medium and small dairy and beef cattle ranchers. With simple operation, charging and mixing homogeneously the concentrate discharging directly to the trough.

           With.robust.steel frame, drive and hydraulic pump system with an independent reservoir, homogeneous mixture of concentrate with spinning vane, worm side discharge directly to the trough. Support tires 600x16 with height adjustment by hydraulic piston. 



Scale with programmed weighing / dosing system.


Self-loading with a 450mm diameter drill bit and with 57 knives with independent drive.


.Rotary.motion.mixing.vanes; •.Mixer.bottom.and.stainless.steel.side.discharge.thread.bottom

• Self-loading with milling roller of 450 mm diameter with independent drive by hydraulic motor.

• Cutting height with independent adjustment for tires and piston.

• Mixer driven by independent control.

• Stainless steel inner bottom and worm bottom.

• Hydraulic controls.