About us

The beginning of everything ...

      In the year of 1950 a company was born  in an initiative of the businessman Pedro Leopoldino and his brothers, when they founded in the city of Cajuru-SP, a small workshop and metallurgical.

     In fact, Pedro began to develop his projects at the age of 10, at which time he worked in the manufacture of brandy and rapadura, a prosperous business of the occasion. He promoted repairs and offered technical assistance to national and imported machines and implements, when he developed his first projects in order to overcome the deficiencies of the equipment, still in the small foundry of the father. He realized that he could create mechanical devices that would improve operational performance and to this day he is the foremost designer of the machines.
        Still in the 50's, Pedro launched the first crushers and choppers that quickly won the market due to performance and robustness.
         In the sequence, decade of 70, are released the first ensiladeiras of the national market, known like Forage Super.
       Then, in the 80's, comes a sales champion launch - the ConfiCana, a forage harvester that provides high production capacity in the preparation of cattle forage, with particle uniformity of the feed.
      The Cruzado Plan of 1986 stabilizes the national economy, the great confinements arise and the cattle raising is intensified. Pedro, once again, attentive to everything around him, develops a new line of tractors harvested tractors, with 100% national technology, which gives the company several awards, due to the performance and productivity it offers.
            In 2000, ColhiCana 2000 is considered the best sugar cane harvester for animal treatment and receives the Gerdau Award - Best of the Land, Honorable Mention and in this same year the Forage Super forage harvester in the versions PP 40, PP 50 and PP 60, suitable for chopping green feed and that comes to meet producers of beef and milk cattle. The Forage Wagon 8000 is also launched in this period to meet cattle ranchers who need equipment to carry the chopped forage both daily and silo. The following year brings to ColhiCana 3000, the Gold Featured Trophy, recognized as the best machine of the year.
          In 2002 the company developed the CapiCana PR and CapiCana 2000 forage harvesters. The first, sturdy and compact, designed to work on grasses or also between the lines of orange orchards. The other is the option for the cattle rancher when the pasture is larger and the grass needs to be harvested and silage quickly so as not to lose its protein and nutritive value.
     Now in 2004 Pedro innovated with the launches: EcoFlex, Superiority, Colhi-200 and Robust.
         EcoFlex has the flexibility to harvest with the same machine, sugar cane in one line and corn or sorghum in two lines, by simply changing the harvesting platform.
         Superiority and ColhiPremium are two medium-sized forage harvesters with dual-dose solutions that, with FC1 front, allow you to harvest sugarcane, napier grass, corn and sorghum in one line. With a simple exchange of the front platform, the Superiority and ColhiPremium with FM2-50 front harvests two lines of maize and sorghum with spacing of 40 to 60 cm between lines, or with front FM2-80 harvests two lines of corn and sorghum with spacing 70 to 90 cm between the lines.
        The Colhi-200 has a multitude of functions: grinding and dry milling - corn in grains and spikes, which allows production from rolled to coarse and fine corn, as well as chopping green feed such as napier grass, sugar cane and Others, separated from dry feed.
        And Robust is a consecrated middle harvester of corn, sorghum, sunflower, napier grass, and other forage, also champion in the harvest of sugar cane.
         With all these options and a market vision focused on the current trends, Pedro manufactures the most complete line of harvesters, forage harvesters, crushers and forage wagon, serving today small, medium and large dairy herders and herdsmen dedicated to the breeding , Intensive rearing and fattening of cattle in Brazil and in the world.

       After years of research, in 2008 the ColhiCana CC-20 was launched, a machine tractioned by a tractor from 110 hp, to harvest sugarcane in totes for the production of sugar, ethanol and bioenergy. Being the first and only non-automotive machine in the segment.
      Among Italian, German, English and American companies, COLHICANA was the only company to be awarded "International Highlight 2015". Because it is a 100% national technology company, COLHICANA has won the award with two models unprecedented in the world and national market for the harvest of energy cane with the model ColhiCana Ecoflex FC-1, and Biomass for energy and ethanol generation 2G cellulosic model with the ColhiCana ColhiCapins model, where through its director Luciano M. received the trophy of the 1st Prize in Innovation and Technology Biomass BR as company "Internacional Highlight 2015".

           The awards ceremony took place on 10/19/2015 at the Bourbon Hotel in Foz do Iguaçú, Paraná. The winning companies were: COLHICANA, New Holland, Tajfun, Vermeer, Fortes and Geel Gaboardi.
        Always with its concern for quality and technology, it brings together equipment, state-of-the-art processes and highly qualified professionals to produce the best machines on the market.

The trademark ColhiCana currently has approximately 100 employees in its plant located in Cajuru-SP and with more than 60 indirect products to serve the national and international market, negotiating with more than 30 countries.