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Technical Specifications

  • Productivity                           0.8 to 1.5 ha / day
  • Consumption                        0.6 L / hour
  • Cutting Width                        90 cm to 1 m
  • Cutting speed                       1 to 2km / hour
  • Power Consumption            3kW
  • Engine power                       7.5 HP diesel
  • Engine speed                       3200 rpm
  • Transmission mechanic with 4  gears, forward and reverse, with differential and self-locking.

           Raw or burned cane for sugar, ethanol and sugarcane liquor (ESM exclusive double cutting system BIDUX) perfect base cut, without shaking the base. It allows operation in areas of high slope up to 45% or 25°) with lambardini 15LD 315 diesel engine, 4-speed ahead and 1 aft, differential with self-locking with 2 wheels and tires. Labor savings of 15 to 17 men, with cheaper cost benefit.


- Safety brakes
- Adjustable driving height
- Safety device
- Hour meter and headlamp
- Perform harvest operation without soil compaction
- Allows operations in slope areas: up to 45% or 25°
- Does not require skilled labor


Motorized Whole Cane Cutter. Double wheels with special tires for dry and flat terrain operations.

    Serrated knives for base cutting.

Iron wheels for wet terrain and high slope.

Burned cane.

Raw cane.


Tilting platform.

Tilting platform.