CFM 60-2
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Technical Specifications

PC 1 (1 row of Sugarcane, Maize, Sorghum and Grass)

  • No. of rollers                          4 vertical
  • Tractor                                    75 HP
  • Nominal output                      25 to 35 ton / h
  • No. of knives of the rotor      6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                         540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor              1580 rpm
  • Cutting options                      4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Machine weight                     1010 kg

ATPS (Total Area 3 rows - 50 cm of Maize and Sorghum)

  • System Cracker*
  • No. of rollers                         6 vertical
  • Tractor                                   110 HP
  • Nominal Output                    30 to 40 ton / h
  • No. knives of the rotor         6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                        540 rpm
  • Rotation of the rotor             1580 rpm
  • Cutting options                     4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Rows spacing                       45 cm to 1.0 m
  • Machine weight                    1190 kg

CCPD 1.4 (Grass in total area)

  • Cutting height                       100 mm
  • Tractor                                   75 HP
  • Nominal Output                    20 to 35 ton / h
  • No. knives of the rotor         6 or 12
  • Rotation PTO                        540 rpm
  • Cutting options                    4,6,8,12,16,22mm
  • Cutting area                         140 cm
  • Machine weight                   900 kg

          ATPS platform with 1.30 meters wide, designed to gather any sort of planted forage in rows as corn and sorghum harvests 3 rows with a spacing of up to 0.50 m and 2 rows up to 0.90 m. Also reap sugarcane, Napier grass planted in rows, Mombasa, Colonhão and other grasses planted in total area of crop area of 1.40 m.


          Circular saw basecutter with independent drive, the most modern, unique, revolutionary and simple drive system together with the four front rolls, cuts and collects accurately by providing speed and lower maintenance costs.

           Some CFM 60-2 innovations:

• System Cracker*: Grain mill to increase the use of 100% starch and milk production by cattle.
• Articulated change that provides greater stability and faster harvest.
• New cutting system specially developed to harvest sugar cane without damaging the stumps, allowing for better regrowth.
• New blades and serrated counter-blades in the base cutting of platforms FM2-50 and FM2-90 allow the harvest of corn and sorghum even when infested with weed.
• New rotary blade sharpener in the pricking rotor.
• Back kit to open rows.
• Corn breaker.


PC1 - Harvesting platform with larger clearance and especially designed to harvest sugar cane but also harvests corn, sorghum and napier planted in row. 


CCPD 1.4 - Harvesting platform for grass planted in total area, with cutting area of ​​1.40 m.

ATPS - Platform 1.30 m wide, developed to harvest any type of forage planted in rows as corn, sorghum and sugar cane, as well as planted grasses in total area.

- Support wheel;
- Hydraulic operated spout;
- Bend canes gutter system;
- Applier for inoculating agents and lime.

PMA - Harvesting platform for pinaple plant.

System Cracker:

• Corn, sorghum and cereal breakage system.

• Better use of energy.

• Grain Processors: Two grooved rollers that consume minimal power and facilitate flow to the fan.



Rotary blade sharpener in the pricking rotor.

6 cutting options and safety fuse pin.

12-blade pricking rotor.

Articulated change giving greater stability and faster harvesting

Rotor chopper with 6 knives to harvest sugar cane, or 12 knives to harvest corn and sorghum, with higher productivity.

Supported on two tires to give greater stability to the set.

Swivel platform for easy cleaning, maintenance and adjustment of the counter-blade.